Ayurveda to Elevate Energy & Productivity

The creativity, innovation, and growth of an organization are dependent on the creativity, innovation, and growth of its employees.

The foundation of great work lies in healthy bodies and minds. Too often, the burden of stress and the lack of healthy food choices create an environment that is more negative than positive. In fact, a lack of self-care and self-awareness allows feelings of anger, competition, and pressure to drive responses at work.

This can easily be turned around when you give your employees the tools they need to not only manage stress better, but to also eat for energy and mental clarity. The healthier they feel, the more effective, productive, and collaborative they will be in serving your organization’s mission.


Using the time-tested principles of Ayurveda, I will teach them how to use meditation and mindfulness to reduce stress, provide simple tips for eating a well-balanced diet for their constitution, and provide self-care techniques that bring them vitality, energy, and a boost in productivity.

Workshops may include meditation, breath work, mindful eating, and cooking classes, and can be customized to your employees’ unique needs.



Having spent 15 years in the corporate world, I have a unique understanding of the corporate environment and the stressors that employees often face. Today, I blend my previous corporate background with proven holistic methods that can transform the effectiveness, happiness, and health of every individual in your organization.


Passionate, Direct, Practical and Inspiring

“Sandhiya is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher and practitioner of Ayurveda. Her teaching is passionate, direct, practical and inspiring. She has an engaging way with her students and clients and is much loved by all. We are blessed to have her as one of our faculty members at The Yoga on High Teacher Training and Ayurvedic Institute: School of Ayurveda.” ~ Jasmine Astra-elle Grace, Owner & CEO, The Yoga On High Teacher Training & Ayurveda Institute

I Educate and Empower People from All Walks of Life Who Want to Live in "Perfect Health" - Mind, Body and Spirit.