Curating  TRANSFORMATIVE  Journeys to India

Journeys to India

“The most creative act you will ever undertake, is the art of creating yourself.”
~ Deepak Chopra
Visiting a richly historical and deeply spiritual destination like India has been on your bucket list for some time now. You are looking to experience personal growth, adventure, and understanding of the place that birthed Ayurveda and Yoga into this world.
You are in luck!
Sharing my deep love of spiritual India with seekers brings me great joy. Having lived and traveled in India for many years, I create unique and unforgettable itineraries that initiate and deepen spiritual experiences and are filled with adventure and enchantment. I invite you to join me on an intimate retreat or allow me to craft for you, a once in a lifetime experience of India. 


Join me and an intimate group of people for a carefully curated life-changing spiritual sojourn of India.


Planning a trip for just you or a group of friends or family?

Are you a yoga teacher who would like take your students on a retreat to India to experience the land of yoga and Ayurveda?

I create customized travel itineraries to ensure you experience the best that India has to offer. Along with my trusted travel partner in India, we will create a one of a kind India itinerary and every detail of your trip will be taken care of.

Memories of this trip will last a lifetime

 “My dream of traveling to India was made possible by Sandhiya’s retreat to Kerala this past Fall.  I could not have imagined a better guide for this trip as she was born and raised in India and knew her way around and what places to visit.  All the hotels we stayed at were one-of-a-kind.  As soon as I landed in India under the guidance of Sandhiya, I was able to completely relax and trust the journey ahead.  This trip to Kerala was a beautiful blend of Indian culture, Ayurvedic rituals and Culinary experiences.  What I liked most about this trip was that it was a small group of us and we traveled to areas that were not tourist traps.  The memories of this trip will last me a lifetime and I am looking forward to traveling to India again on one of Sandhiya’s next retreats. ”   ~ Kathy Yannucci 



A Spiritual sojourn that forever changed my being

 “First of all congratulations to Sandhiya for making it through her first India retreat with flying colors. The trip to Kerala was amazing from the Udayagiri Ayurvedic Retreat Center in the mountains of Wayanad to the backwaters of Kerala and the Phillipkutty Farmhouse.  Sandhiya’s attention to detail to ensure that all accommodations and meals were of the highest standard was greatly appreciated by our intimate group of 10 beautiful women. It was truly a Spiritual Sojourn that forever changed my being.”   ~ Teresa Cozad 



A beautiful blend of culture, spirituality, ritual and history


 “This spiritual sojourn was just that, a beautiful blend of culture, spirituality, ritual, and history. As soon as I saw Sandhiya post this retreat- I could not think of anyone better to lead us to the heart of Ayurveda. Sandhiya’s eye for curating a beautiful and authentic experience is what made this retreat stand out. I continue to carry the magic of India with me as I have rent-entered my daily life and meditate upon those experiences regularly.”   ~ Laurie Granger 



Spiritual sojourn with Sandhiya will take you on a journey of a lifetime


 “Spiritual sojourn with Sandhiya will take you on a journey of a lifetime. It’s a wonderfully authentic experience of South Asia. Sandhiya is an insider when it comes to India and Ayurveda.  It’s clear that she did her homework to ensure that the trip would be enjoyable for all the participants. While the itinerary is well planned, it was not so rigid that one ever felt pressured to rush into the day’s activities. It’s a rare combination of getting off the beaten path while accessing traditional yet utterly comfortable accommodations. Food was always plentiful and nourishing. The week-long stay at the amazing Udayagiri Ayurveda retreat center and debriefings at the day’s end provided the spiritual dimension missing in most other yoga vacations and was much appreciated.  The convenience of an all-inclusive trip, especially in a destination such as India is a huge plus. Sandhiya really has thought of all the details. It’s an experience that I’ll always carry fondly within my heart, as will anyone else who partakes in future sojourns, especially for those who come seeking to nurture their mind, body and spirit.”   ~ Elise Lee 



It was perfect!



 “In February of 2014, I had the great pleasure of visiting India for the first time. I stayed in Chennai for 2 weeks studying yoga. I had the great fortune of knowing Sandhiya Ramaswamy who with her wonderful travel partner in India, helped organize my trip to Kerala. My flight, train, drivers and my stay at a beautiful Ayurveda resort on the beach were perfect! Having never been to India I am not sure I would have had such an amazing trip without her expertise and knowledge of her homeland. It was perfect! Thank you, Sandhiya”   ~ Carol Prentice