Coming Home!

“Once I began living an Ayurvedic lifestyle I immediately felt a shift. It felt as if I had come home. I found this place of comfort and balance. It is a simple and natural way to be. Thank you Sandhiya for guiding me in this whole new way of living. I am very grateful.”  

~ Lisa B.



Toolbox of Daily Practices

"I sought out an Ayurvedic practitioner as part of a greater overall transformational plan for my life. Sandhiya was exactly the resource I was seeking.  She not only has a wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge but is very skilled in designing a program that is tailored to the individual with a robust toolbox of daily practices.  I have incorporated many of these useful practices and they have improved both my outlook and health.  I highly recommend Sandhiya as a quality single source for Ayurvedic guidance and education."  

~ Phil C.


Keeping it Simple


"Working with Sandhiya has been a real pleasure. Sandhiya has suggested foods, supplements and routines that are easy for me to incorporate in my daily life.  She makes it really simple – even providing recipes that my kids like! Sandhiya’s guidance has had a very positive effect on my health, and the benefits of her teachings carry through to my family as well."  

~ Ginny


Compassion & Knowledge


"Sandhiya brought forth a complete program that met my needs.  She did this with compassion, hospitality, and kindness that I’ve yet to meet in another medical practitioner. I felt that she truly cares about my overall well being and would implement anything that enhances the healing process. I feel grateful to have met a person who treats me with so much compassion and possesses the knowledge of a physician."  

~ AUM, Scott